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Artist and photographer, 30 years old  from Tel Aviv. I am focusing on photography, mixed media and writing.

My works explore the limits of identity and power relationships, by using materials I collect and charge them with an internal symbolism. Moreover, I work with my surroundings: my body, my partner's body, family, and other relatives.


My parents immigrated to Israel from Iran during the revolution. The trauma of immigration and assimilation has shaped my character and perspective.

They speak a foreign language at home, while Hebrew is my mother tongue outside.

The cultural and emotional gap between this two sides creates images that pose questions from a female perspective, holding an intergenerational emotional inheritance in an Israeli reality. 

Fear and pain motivate me to take action. The body is my home.

Home is a conflict and my center being as an artist.

You're not like your mother, 2023.jpg

You're not like your mother, 2023

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