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Adva is a 30 year old artist and photographer based in Tel Aviv, 

Originally from Emek Hefer, part of the countryside in Israel.

Graduated with a diploma in Still studio photography from "Gavra Studio", Graduated from the “Photographing and Editing Video for Media” program in "Camera Obscura" school.  Graduated with a diploma from "Rimon" Music school Majored in songwriting and is currently studying simultaneously in The Space for Photography and Art by Sagit Zaluf Namir and Humanities in the open university.

During the past year, Adva placed her focus on writing and on “staged photography” - making her own art, portraits and fashion photography.

My creative process focuses on meaning, order and beauty, that are drawn both from childhood memories and the current day-to-day life.

I use photography as a tool to capture alchemical moments for life. 

It happens unconsciously, and then evolves into images that correspond with both the personal and the general archetypes.

I believe art aims to fill gaps between people and strives to correct fragments.


Particles EP

ריבוע של הכל.jpg
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